Mogaji David

Ambassador of Axe to Africa
Axe to Africa

Personal Information

Mogaji, David is a web developer and the ambassador for Axe to Africa, a decentralized hybrid PoW/PoS digital currency designed to facilitate better, secure, and faster financial transactions with numerous use cases globally.
He has been actively participating in expanding the awareness and adoption of the blockchain and digital currency over the years. He has organized and attended over a dozen conferences, seminars and meetups so as to get the opportunity to expand his horizon and/or educate people on the benefits of Blockcahin Technology.

His goal towards the digital currency market is to reach out to as many people as possible to ensure a better world where transactions are borderless, reliable and more transparent.

Professionally/academically, he is a Computer Scientist. Interestingly, his hobby while not working on a software or educating people about the blockchain and digital currency, is enjoying a mixture of Afro hip hop, R and B music or reading for relaxation.

If you really do want to become a billionaire in Africa, like the likes of Otedola and Dangote, then Mogaji is your best shot at bett…